NEW: eVisits

With the continued COVID-19 pandemic Plattsburgh Medical Care is taking all measures possible to protect the safety of our patients and staff. To accomplish this we are offering Video eVisits to both established and new patients. Below is some commonly asked questions and tips for a good experience with our Video eVisits as well as a YouTube video to help you.


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  1. Call and schedule eVisit appointment with receptionist.
  2. At the time of your visit click the link in your text message or email that was sent to you.
    1. If you do not see the email in your inbox, make sure to check your junk/spam folder.
    2. If you are using a PC or Mac, you must be using the latest version of Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox as your browser.
  3. Click Allow when prompted to access your microphone and camera.


Common Questions and Tips

Q: What do I need to do a video visit?

A: You will need a device that has a webcam, microphone, and highspeed internet connection (smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer).

Q: Do I need to download any additional software?

A: No, our video visits utilize the capabilities already built into your web browser to do the video visit.

Q: How do I start the video visit?

A: You will be sent the link to start the video via text message or email. You will click the link in either message and it will open your web browser and automatically connect (you may need to give the browser permission to access your camera and microphone).

Q: Can I use any web browser?

A: No. Below are the compatible browsers and operating systems:

  • Android: Chrome, Edge, Opera, Samsung
  • iOS: Safari
  • Windows: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge Chromium Build
  • Mac: Safari, Chrome

Cookies MUST be enabled. If you would like to check to see if your browser will be compatible you can go to the following website:

Q: What if I am having trouble seeing or hearing the provider?

A: Make sure that you have enabled access to your device’s microphone and camera and that no other apps are using it in the background. Also assure that you have no other browser tabs open as well. On phones make sure that you have turned off silent mode. If you are still having issues then close your browser and tab and reconnect.